Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits for Life

Sharing Uplifting Habits for the Mind, Body and Soul is my passion and purpose. Creating a positive association with healthy habits is more than half the battle. Going beyond that and engaging people with all of their senses makes an experience to be remembered and applied. This is what I have been put here to do. We do this best TOGETHER!

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The heart of what I do is to create meaningful and lasting connection with positive and uplifting lifestyle habits for the MIND, BODY and SOUL. This is powerfully accomplished by creating movement, action and deep associations engaging as many of our senses as possible. Your goal for yourself or your group can be attained by including me in your event or by attending a collaborated event with my amazing global community of Uplifters. The key is for each person to be able to have a clear plan of action and to take the first step immediately together.
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Topics Include: 
* REAL Health Assurance
* Habits and Tools for Sustaining Healthy Lifestyle Habits
* Healthy Habits for Conventions and Meetings
* Measuring Your Quality of Life
* Healthy Lifestyle Made Simple
* Tools for Navigating Your Journey
* Healthy Habits for the New Year
* Faith Habits

* Presentations
* Full and 1/2 Day Workshops
* Online Guest
* Online Presentations
* Zoom Coaching and Groups
* Collaborative Experiences