Our Beloved Country by Zach Rayburn

Our Beloved Country

Our Beloved Country
by Zach Rayburn

America is home.
I wonder what our country will do with its power.
We could create jobs or go to Mars. We could also create war and anger.
We need to be smart with what we have or we can lose it all.

America sounds like peaceful beaches in Southern California.
It sounds like busy streets with honking cars in New York City.
It sounds like quiet falling snow in the Rocky Mountains.
In America I see policemen that help us live in peace with ourselves.
I see doctors who spend their time saving us.
I see eager fans watching their sports teams play.
I want everyone t0 try and help the homeless, abused,
and mistreated to feel like they are being looked out for.

America is a country we know will grow in power and live on forever.

In America you can pretend you are a pro-football player.
America feels joyful, special, and free.
I touch the green grass grown around the country.
I touch the ground were the pilgrims settled.
I touch the plane that was flown by an American P.O.W.
I worry about America losing strength.
I cry for the soldiers who have died at war.
America is strong.

I understand that millions of people have died protecting this country.
I say we fight for every soldier who has perished at war.
I dream that one day, I can fight for my beloved country.
I will try to thank all the people who have served in any war.
I will not disrespect our country in any way.
I will pray for everyone in combat.
I hope every soldier makes it home safe.
America is a free world for us all.

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