Get Energized in Las Vegas!

Get Energized in Las Vegas!

Get Energized Las Vegas 2016

Goals and Dreams are great right? Having the “energy” to achieve those goals and dreams is vital for your success in achieving those goals and dreams. Even more important is to have sustainable energy. There are no short cuts to sustainable energy. Energy is a multifaceted concept that can be VERY elusive if you aren’t wise in your daily thoughts, words and actions.

Join us for GET ENERGIZED in Las Vegas this April 16th for a full day of energizing tools, advice and sustainable success wisdom. I’m super excited to be one of the presenters at this awesome event headlined by Rudy Ruettiger who overcame great odds on just about every level to carve a moment in football history. His lessons apply to success in daily life.

Next up is the event creator Nikkos Zorbas who has an expertise in The Law of Attraction and positive energy and personal development. Nikkos has recently had some challenges that has not only given him opportunity to practice what he preaches, but has given birth to this new GET ENERGIZED Seminar!

What do your daily habits have to do with energy? Um, EVERYTHING! Linda Fogg-Phillips with the Tiny Habits Academy with share the process for creating habits and how important your choices are.

Darren LaCroix is a master storyteller. No matter who you are and what you do, how you tell your story can make or break the energy in a room. Whether its an auditorium or your living room, learning to convey your passions and dreams with energy and clarity is vital to having a satisfying life.

Marilyn Sherman believes that we are where we are because of the CHOICES we’ve made. It takes courage to look at where we are vs. where we want to be. Marilyn will inspire you to get out of the balcony of your life and live in the front-row! You’ll learn:

  • The importance of having a vision
  • The 4 absolute musts of goal-setting
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • How to adjust your thinking to have positive energy every single day!

Mark Kamp (aka: Marvelless Mark) is a walking, talking, running, hiking ball of Energy! He uses Rockstar icons and lessons to show you how to harness your energy for the ride of your life.

Tara Rayburn, Me for Energize Your Mind, Body and Soul for Life!

Do your daily habits make you want to live an amazing life or sleep on the couch? Seriously, sustainable energy does not come in a bottle. Energy is not just about what you eat or how much you exercise. Food and daily circulation have a great deal to do with sustainable energy. What your mind focuses on and the “wellness” of your soul have an equally great impact on your health, if not more.
I will share Energy Wisdom about

  • Easy Pearl’s of Wisdom for Sustainable Health
  • Simple Healthy Habits to Energize Your Mind, Body and Soul
  • Solid Habits that have Stood the Test of Time

What You Will NOT Hear from me is

  • Fad diets or exercise programs
  • Loser, whiner or poor me mentality
  • A One Size Fits All approach or evangelistic rhetoric

Expect to experience an entertaining invitation to rethink those simple ways your grandmother shared with you. Simple Doesn’t Mean Insignificant. The most powerful Energy practices are simple, sustainable and create the kind of energy that cannot be stolen or short lived.

Adding just one ENERGIZING habit has the power to to change your life forever!

Come join us and GET ENERGIZED in Las Vegas on April 16th!

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Get Energized Seminars Las Vegas 2016


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