Depression the Whispered Killer

Depression the Whispered Killer

My friend Jenny Thrasher Landon is an amazing soul who takes one of the worst events of her family’s life and helps others with a message of hope and support for those who suffer from depression and suicide. Thank you for being in my life Jenny and thank you for sharing your wisdom as well as your heart ❤️

Message from Jenny June 2nd 2016 …

“June 2, 1999 … 17 years ago I lost my dad to suicide. Depression killed my dad.

While blood pressure might be known as the silent killer, Depression is the whispered killer … Whispered with judgment by those who have never experienced it … Whispered with embarrassment by those who have been touched by it … Whispered with fear by those who know it intimately, who are scared by the power it holds, scared that no one understands, and scared that no one can help.

According to the International Suicide Statistics, 1 person dies by suicide every 40 seconds, resulting in over 2,000 deaths a day. We have to start seeing and talking about depression as a serious life threatening illness. As I know it, depression is the result of an imbalance in the body. My dad’s imbalance was first triggered by a steroid treatment he was receiving that was intended to save him from the perils of Sarcoidosis. When I became suicidal, my imbalance was triggered from having my first baby.

Not everyone can pinpoint the trigger that lead to their imbalance which resulted in depression, or even worse, suicide. The good news is that you don’t have to understand the trigger to treat it. I am alive today and I’m able to share my story thanks to the results of receiving acupuncture. It was not a quick fix. It took going every week for a number of months, but it gave me my life back.

Acupuncture didn’t numb the pain and it didn’t mask my symptoms. Acupuncture balanced the energy in my body restoring my ability to think clearly and to feel at peace. I don’t live with depression even though it nearly took my life. I am healthy, happy and truly blessed.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, please talk about it and please explore alternative treatment options.”

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