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It’s about loving one another as He loved us…

For many years I have taught about healthy food, probiotics, enzymes and various healthy habits involving our physical and emotional health. What became clear to me on this journey was that no matter how healthy one ate, or how much they exercise and live a “clean” life, if their soul was sick, the body cannot really heal permanently.

Faith Habits was actually born a few years ago, and is being brought to life carefully and very thoughtfully. Sharing uplifting habits is my passion, but being present with my family and my physical community in Las Vegas suffered when I was spending so much time and energy sharing with others and traveling to promote projects, attend conferences, etc.

All that to say, I’m not turning my back on teaching physical and emotional health habits, because truth be said, a very sick body and mind can also alter the soul’s health. I just will be spending more and more time sharing Faith Habits as best I can while still sharing how keeping this temple God gave us healthy by how we treat it.

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