Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Tara Rayburn is an avid fan, wellness advocate and Independent Distributor/Wholesaler for Young Living Essential Oils and has been for over 11 years. These oils have been a game changer for her family’s wellness goals. If you do not already order through another YL distributor and would like to be a part of The Healthy Habits Team please contact Tara or use her YL ID #866847 when you sign up to be a customer or distributor at Young Living.

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Healthy Habits Team

* Healthy Habits Team:

The Healthy Habits Team is a group of “Peeps” around the world who: 
1) Wish to grow and support communities worldwide for Uplifting the Mind, Body and Spirit
2) Intend to become a wholesaler and an active part of my Young Living  essential oil community
3) Seek fellow co-conspirators who understand that Food and Faith are also huge factors in optimum health.

What Does Joining The Healthy Habits Team Mean?:
1) You will be a wholesale member of Young Living, the finest essential oil farming and distributing company in the world.
2) You will have monthly virtual Community Gatherings (once you join please set up your free Zoom account now)
3) For the first year you will have one free 30 minute coaching call with me (Tara) a month.

If you are not currently a customer, wholesaler or business builder with Young Living Essential Oils please Message me on the Healthy Habit Coach on Facebook to set up a time to see if you would like to be a part of The Healthy Habits Team and how we can find the right leadership for supporting your goals best.

You can visit the Young Living Website and join with Sponsor and Enroller ID#866847 or schedule time with me to personally make sure we add you to the Healthy Habits Team that will best support your needs and goals.

I love co-creating “ripples” of health around the world by growing the Healthy Habits Team, but if you are already a Young Living member, I encourage you to stay on your current Young Living Team and choose to collaborate alongside us by staying informed at Healthy Young Living Habits with Tara Rayburn

Currently we are only accepting Young Living Team Members on the Healthy Habits Team. We look forward soon to opening up The Healthy Habits Team membership subscription to ALL who intend to uplift our world by being healthy ripples around the globe.

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Peace and Be Well,

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