Young Living Essential Oil Summit News and Highlights

Young Living Essential Oil Summit News and Highlights

I’m Feeling Pretty excited Today… I’m one of today’s presenters for the #YLEOSummit online. Over 21,000 listening from 18 different countries. Hoping to help many people create “Ripples” of healthy habits around the globe today!

Join us today – FREE Young Living Essential Oil Online Summit!
Here are Day 4 Presenters. Tom Woloshyn, Robert Tennyson Stevens​, Amanda Howden and Tara Rayburn. November 1-4th #yleosummit #ylsummit2015 – Day 4

Young Living Essential Oil Summit – News, Updates and Resources

Young Living Essential Oil Summit – News, Updates and Resources

YL Summit 2015
Here is my hub for all things related to the upcoming #YLEOSummit2015 November 1-14th
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The Green Room Sessions on Blab is a chance to get to know YLEOSummit presenters in a casual, behind the scenes setting on the new LIVE Broadcasting format called #Blab – click to set up your free account and be a part of the community.
* Watch Episode 1 with guests Barney Kuntze, Stacey Hall, Kirsten LiaBraaten and host Tara Rayburn

*Watch Episode 2 with guests Alan Simpson, Robert Tennyson Stevens, Adam Ringham, Tom Woloshyn, YL Summit Founder Barney Kuntze and host yours truly, Tara Raburn

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* Tara Rayburn’s YLEOSummit 2015 Pinterest board

* Official Summit Hashtags: #YLSummit2015 #YLEOSummit

Maximum Vitality Event in Michigan

Maximum Vitality Links and Resources

Maximum Vitality

Maximum Vitality Event in Michigan:

Shannon Hudson Videos, Periscopes, Audios, etc from Maximum Vitality and Ongoing Events

Shannon Hudson’s YL 10/90 Facebook Group

Tara Rayburn Links:
* Website
* Maximum Vitality Event Pinterest Board (links, event photos and scopes)
* Tara’s Pinterest Board Collection (this ain’t yo mama’s scrapbooking!)
* Periscopes from Event on
* The Healthy Habit Coach on Facebook
* 100 Easy Healthy Habits on Facebook
* Essential Gluten Free Recipes on Facebook
* Healthy Young Living Habits with Tara
* Tara’s Instagram
* Tara on Twitter

Mike Rayburn Links:
* Website
* Mike Rayburn Videos and TedX Talks
* Mike Rayburn Video Library (Hologram, Nerd Like Me, etc)
* Mike Rayburn Facebook
* Mike on Twitter
* Virtuoso You Event
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