YL Success Summit 2016 – Day 2

YL Success Summit 2016 – Day 2

Happy Monday and Happy Day 2 of the YL Success Summit
Official hashtag: #YLSS2016
YL Success Summit 2016 – Day 2
Great News…
#ylss2016 Book giveaway
1) They have extended my Healthy Habits in the Kitchen presentation another 24 hours so you can more opportunity to listen and share it. – https://pi947.isrefer.com/go/YLSS2016/trayburn/
(remember to share link or promo code: trayburn to get $20 purchases)

2) This means we will be giving another copy of my book Essential Gluten-Free Recipes away. Enter by posting a photo in comment section with a recipe you have used essential oils in or simple hashtag it with #YLSS2016habits

3) My sweet friend Stacey Hall is among today’s fabulous line up of presenters. Here is what she is gifting to you…
To Everyone who watches Stacey’s presentation on ‘Ancient Oils To Attract Financial and Spiritual Prosperity’ you will receive the gift of a prosperity blessing at the end of the presentation and I will be offering a special prosperity oils e-book gift to everyone who shares the blessing on their own timeline with the hashtag #YLSS2016Prosperity

4) Finally, until October 31st you can get the whole summit to start sharing essential oil information confidently with teams and your community hungry for this information. This is over 50 presentations.
Imagine if you invited friends/teams over once a week or even once a month to grow your knowledge…

– https://pi947.isrefer.com/go/YLSS2016/trayburn/
Promo code: trayburn

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*Essential Gluten Free Recipes from Life Science Publishing

* Essential Gluten Free Recipes on Facebook

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YL Success Summit 2016

YL Success Summit 2016

I’m SUPER excited to announce YL Success Summit 2016 ! This is our second annual FREE Online essential oil training event October 16-29th. You can even watch in the comfort of your jammies if you want ! My session is Healthy Habits in the Kitchen: Infuse Your Meals with Essential Oils. Here are the details…

YL Success Summit 2016 Tara Rayburn

The Largest Free Online Training Event of the Year!

People all over the world are thriving with Young Living Essential Oils in their product use & businesses. Attending a LIVE conference, convention or event is a life changing experience that will positively affect the rest of your life. Regardless if you’re able to attend live events or not – this event is 100% all online and can be experienced from the comfort of your own home. I’m so excited to be presenting this year as a featured presenter!


More than 28,000 people joined us for the 2015 YL Success Summit. This year, you will learn from some of the best well-known teachers, speakers, leaders & educators. This event is created by fellow Young Living Independent Distributors and is 100% COMPLETELY DEDICATED to supporting Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributors!

The YL Success Summit is live and online FREE from Oct.16-29th, 2016!

Register for FREE now at the following link: https://pi947.isrefer.com/go/YLSS2016/trayburn/

There is the opportunity for you to purchase all of the recordings. So if already know you want all of the recordings to own them for life? Once you pre-register, the options to invest now for the best rate

Just some of what you will learn from the YL Success Summit:

  • Why essential oils are truly the best option for your life & family
  • How to use essential oils safely and effectively
  • Share Young Living products
  • Tips for regaining control of your health, wealth & life!
  • Home recipes, guides, safety protocols and best practices for using oils
  • How you can share Young Living properly to start, build & grow a successful business
  • And so much more!

The YL Success Summit is live and online FREE from Oct.16-29th, 2016!

Register for FREE now at the following link: https://pi947.isrefer.com/go/YLSS2016/trayburn/

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace! Once you register you will see the options to invest now for the best rate. This special offer will expire Sept.20th 2016, so if this speaks to you then make sure to take action.
For the best price when you checkout, you can use my special Presenter only PROMO CODE: trayburn

I’ll see you at the summit! I’m so excited to be presenting this year!

If you have questions or need support, contact Barney Kuntze & his team at support@ylsuccesssummit.com or call 1.877.577.7544

#YLSS2016 #YLOSS2016  YL Success Summit

YL Success Summit 2016

Young Living’s Grand Convention 2016 – Live Your Passion

Young Living’s Grand Convention 2016 – Live Your Passion

Live Your Passion

We are in Salt Lake City Utah for Young Living Essential Oils’ Grand Convention called Live Your Passion. I will be posting highlights and updates in these cool places:


* Healthy Young Living Habits with Tara Rayburn

* The Healthy Habit Coach on Facebook

*100 Easy Healthy Habits

*Essential Gluten Free Recipes

* Tara Rayburn on Twitter and Instagram

*Tara Rayburn’s Live Your Passion Pinterest Board

If you see me here at the Salt Palace Please come say hi and choose a free button/hair button/shoelace button as my convention gift to you. (only while supplies last!)

Also follow #ylconvention and #youngliving on social media to follow along
Healthy Habit Coach buttons

Relieve It or Not

Relieve It or Not

Healthy Habits with Essential Oils and Ice

Relieve It orNot

I love magnifying essential oils by using ice packs or hot water bottles to drive in my Young Living Essential Oils deeply. Here are a few quick Healthy Habits for Using Essential Oils with Ice Packs or Hot Water Bottles:

* Put essential oils on area first (learn whether or not you can use them NEAT (undiluted)  or along with your favorite carrier oil (diluted with massage oil like almond, jojoba, etc)

* Put ice pack, baggie or hot water bottle in some type of thin, protective cloth to create a barrier between the essential oiled surface (skin) and the pack/bottle/baggie. Essential oils are designed to pull out toxins, therefore if you put the pack/bottle right up against the oiled surface it will pull out the toxins and possible leach them into your skin.

* Using a thin cloth such as a pillowcase or bandana amplifies the cold, whereas a thicker material like a washcloth or towel subdues the cold sensation.

* The essential oils can bleach/stain cloth so use material that you don’t mind having altered.

* If you are using “hot” oils (cinnamon, clove, etc) realize that it might be too uncomfortable to use them with a hot water bottle. Check and be sure if they need to be diluted before applying to ANY skin surface.

* If you are sensitive to cold/cooling sensation you might want to dilute the oils and/or use a thicker cloth to mute the sensation somewhat.

* Even if you use an icepack with a cloth covering (see my picture) it is still a good idea to use another barrier cloth. I’ve learned this the hard way and had the oils make holes in nice, new ice packs 🙁

Remember: If you are a Young Living Distributor/Wholesaler and not a doctor/licensed healthcare professional, we are not allowed to give medical advice for using essential oils.

If you are a Young Living Wholesaler or order from one, please contact them.
If you are interested in ordering Young Living Oils or becoming a YL Distributor/Wholesaler please use this link or order with my YL ID #866847


Weed and Seed for Your Health


Weed and Seed for Your Health

Homemade Master Tonic by my Vegas buddy Louis Schneidman. Holy Moly Batman this stuff is potent! Way to go Louis!

There is a simple mantra for health I repeat often to people that teaches us to “Weed and Seed” and I learned it from Gary Young (Young Living Essential Oils​ )
Here’s the simple, yet vital lesson for supporting good health…

1) Practice habits to “Weed” your gut/body of unbeneficial organisms (bacteria, parasites, yeasts, viruses, etc)
2) Consume food, beverages and supplements if necessary that “Seed” your gut/body with Beneficial organisms loosely defined as “Probiotics”

We are exposed to a bazillion organisms daily. Some harmful if left unchecked or counterbalanced others very beneficial. While we used to get a steady stream of “probiotics” naturally in foods, that is no longer the case. Traditional diets used to have homemade kefir, krauts, Kim chi, etc. Even condiments like ketchup used to be naturally fermented and provided digestive support. Not so any more. Everything commercially prepared is cooked, homogenized, pasteurized etc. is void of strong living organisms to support your body’s inner ecosystem/ flora.

Become a student of what YOU can use to “Weed and Seed” your body!

The Master Tonic is a great tool to Weed the gut as well as essential oils, and foods like krauts, Kim Chi and kefir’s are great for Seeding the gut.

I have links and recipes on my Pinterest boards Bountiful Beverages, Kefir, Probiotics and in my book Essential Gluten-Free Recipes​

For More Fun Facts/Recipes/Links visit The Healthy Habit Coach on Facebook
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