I’m Presenting Online Today at Young Living Success Summit 2018

I’m Presenting Online Today at Young Living Success Summit 2018

It’s Young Living Success Summit time! Today is Day 8 and my presentation Drops of Wisdom: Healing for Healers is available at the #YLSS website until Midnight tonight! I’m very excited to be back at this summit after taking last year off with Drops of Wisdom and resources to keep the conversations flowing even after  #YLSS2018 is over.

My session is completely FDA compliant and timeless wisdom I’ve been collecting for over 50 years.

Easy Peasy Steps to Register to Watch the Young Living Success Summit for FREE:
1) Click this link and register to watch daily for free – Tara’s Handy Dandy YLSS link
2) Once Registered, go to Day 8 and click. You’ll see today’s line up and Drops of Wisdom should be second
3) Watch the presentation (about 42min) and please leave a comment below the viewing screen if you found my session of value.
4) If you want to continue the Conversation please Like my new Drops of Wisdom 101 Page on Facebook
5) Look for more to come at Drops of Wisdom Website

**** SPECIAL Monday October 22nd**** “Like” the Drops of Wisdom 101 Facebook page for a chance to win prizes. Different gifts will be available via contests throughout the day!

Drops of Wisdom Resources:

* Young Living Success Summit 2018 Free Registration Link!

*Drops of Wisdom 101 on Facebook

*Drops of Wisdom Website – Hot out of the distiller! (aka: brand spanking new)

*100 Easy Healthy Habits Audio Coaching Series by Tara Rayburn

*Essential Gluten Free Recipes by Tara Rayburn and Mary Vars book from Life Science Publishing

YL Success Summit 2018 News

YL Success Summit 2018 News

What?: Online Young Living friendly Essential Oil Training Summit
When?: October 1st-14th 2018
How?: Sign up before August 15th for early bird deals at: YLSS 2018 with Tara Rayburn
Why?: Because its topnotch training in the comfort of your own home/office
How Much?: Watching #YLSS2018 Live will be FREE. To maximize your time and training opportunities there are 3 ways to join.
Click this Link to find out more.

YEAH! It’s time to start sharing registration for this incredible online essential oil training experience. The earlier you register for YL Success Summit 2018 the more you save on purchasing the summit for you, your YL team (present or future) and to keep as an ongoing resource. Bulk Leader’s Pack’s can be purchased for an ALL ACCESS pass, digital downloads and YLSS APP access. (will post direct link soon)

I’m SOOO happy to be presenting again this year. (I took last year off since I had moved.) This year I’ll be sharing “Drops of Wisdom: Healing for Healers” and would love to share the experience together in October. I have been really blessed to have many wise teachers in my lifetime so far and look forward to sharing wisdom I’ve been distilling from these amazing people and life experiences.

There will be MANY great compliant and content rich presenters sharing with us all this year. Check em out here

Three Ways for You To Register:

  •  Option 1:  REGISTER 100% for FREE & enjoy 24hr viewing access to each days presentations as they are available each day during our LIVE online event Oct.1-14th 2018.
  •  OPTION 2:  The All Access Digital Pass will enhance your viewing experience by giving you INSTANT access to all of our 210+ presentations.  As well during the LIVE event you can go back to previous days you might have missed to catch up for just $77.
  •  Option 3:  Last but not least, our VIP Options offer the Digital Downloads, Flash Drives or our Success Summit App Subscription.

You’ll want to follow along at the following resources Before, During and After to be included in special interviews, offers and bonus fun!
YLSS 2018 Resources:
* YL Success Summit main page and Sign up
* YL Success Summit Facebook page
* Healthy Young Living Habits with Tara Rayburn (friendly resource for ALL YL teams and individuals)
* The Healthy Habit Coach on Instagram

Can’t wait to be alongside you all in October!


YL Success Summit 2016 – FREE for All

YL Success Summit 2016 – FREE for All


YL Success Summit 2016 – FREE for All:  So Halloween is over and you are rockin’ and ready to get back to the business of health right? My friend and founder of the YL Success Summit has made it super duper easy to have one last shot at listening to ALL the #YLSS2016 presenters without having to “Opt In” for anything AND from the convenience of one simple landing page … Here it is Voila! – YL Success Summit 2016 FREE for ALL link

EVERY one of the presentations on one page! Rumor has it that this page will be LIVE until this Friday November 5th. I hope you are able to enjoy, learn and see the value of owning this incredible resource for you and your community. I personally cannot wait to start hosting meetings showing these great compliant presentations.

If you choose to purchase the YL Success Summit I’d be honored if you ordered using my Promo CODE: trayburn for an additional $20 off.


YLSS2016 Promo Code trayburn
YLSS2016 Promo Code trayburn

Have you already been listening or have you already purchased the #YLSS ? If so, please let us hear your experiences. You can either comment here or on my Healthy Young Living Habits Facebook page. Let us know what has been of value to you. What did you enjoy? What can we do better for next year?

Thank you to everyone who is dedicated to being Ripples of Health in our world!
Peace and Be Well,


Morning Mix: Greens for Your WildFit AlkaGizer

Morning Mix: Greens for Your WildFit AlkaGizer

Mix Greens AlkaGizer

Morning Mix: Greens for Your WildFit AlkaGizer. Whether you are visiting here because we are #WildFit buddies, you have been listening to this year’s YL Success Summit or simply we have been on similar paths over the years I hope this “Morning Mix” healthy habit adds some value to your mornings!

I notice that most people who “juice” or do “smoothies” in the morning often add a lot of sugar and don’t even realize it. Do you know how much sugar is in a banana? 14 grams of sugar! Most people also use dairy and berries as well adding to a massive sugar shock instead of a well intended nutritious meal.

As I mentioned in this year’s YL Success Summit, I had the honor of participating in Eric Edmeades Get WildFit Challenge . The WildFit challenge goes deep into what our dietary habits are doing to our health. The AlkaGizer is a morning green smoothie that evolves into a VERY addicting, no-to-low-sugar addition to your daily life. #YLSS2016

These daily drinks are a mainstay for me and I’ve learned no-sugar ways to create variety. This morning I realized that I was almost completely OUT of greens in the fridge. EEK! But alas, since we moved and I have a little plot of land, so I headed out to pick swiss chard, green onions, oregano, basil, peppermint and spearmint. (Keep in mind, I live in Las Vegas, desert climate and haven’t even owned grass in over 6 years!)

While it was lovely, it was very savory shall we say. Not the best tasting cold concoction. So what is my fix in cases like this? BROTH! Good ol’ fashioned 24 hour cooked chicken broth. If you heat it and add it to a “no fruit” green, savory smoothie what do you have? Soup! Yummy, nutritious, warming and lovely soup. Pour it into a bowl, add a garnish and grab a spoon. Can you say YUM?

My Basic AlkaGizer recipe with Savory Mixed Greens
* Chives, fresh oregano, basil, peppermint, spearmint, 3/4 fresh jalapeño pepper, swiss chard
(ALL from my garden)
* Fresh cucumber, mint, fennel and cilantro
* 1 whole avocado
* 1 cups of herbal/non-caffeinated tea and a splash of rose water
* 1 cup of bone broth – I like chicken the best
* 2 drops of food grade lime and peppermint essential oil (my add on only add once in glass container)
Yeilds roughly 2-3 quarts you can drink throughout the day.

While you might not like this at first. I challenge you to challenge your tastebuds and loose the fruit for at least a month! Or better yet, take the 90 WildFit Challenge

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Eric or WildFit for my endorsement of this program. I just had a great experience and love the results when I stick to experiencing “Spring” for extended time periods.

YLSS2016 Healthy Habits in the Kitchen


*YL Success Summit – Listen Daily for Free (limited Time) – https://pi947.isrefer.com/go/YLSS2016/trayburn/
If ordering package use Promo Code trayburn for $20 off

* Eric Edmeades – https://www.ericedmeades.com/

* Get WildFit  – https://www.getwildfit.com/

* AlkaGizer Fast Food post – https://www.thehealthyhabitcoach.com/healthy-recipes/fast-food-wildfit-alkagizer/

* Essential Gluten Free Recipes by Tara Rayburn and Mary Vars (this is NOT fully WildFit compliant)
from Life Science Publishing

* Tara’s Young Living Essential Oil Connection

* Tara’s WildFit Pinterest board – https://www.pinterest.com/tararayburn/wildfit-challenge-march-2016/

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