MONAT – Non-Toxic Hair Products

MONAT – Non-Toxic Hair Products

Okay, those of you who know me know that I don’t “do” a bunch of testimonials and I really don’t like to be in front of the camera, but behind it. I also have only had one company I believe in enough to promote…until now.

So confession time…
Over the years I have lived a pretty clean life by putting organic, non-gmo, non-toxic products in and on my body. The place I have struggled the most is hair care products. In humid climates, no matter what I do my hair ends up looking like the “before” picture before too long (see before photo on left). Even if I wash and style my hair at home in Vegas in the dry desert air it still gets pretty wonky. If I have it professionally done I might get three days out of it, but of course I’ve had to pay for that service.

So my friend AnnMarie sent me one sample of Monat’s REJUVENIQE Oil  and two packets of Renew Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner. I washed as per directions and styled my hair like I usually do when I’ve wash the whole head (blow dry, flat iron). I make that distinction because here in the desert the ends get very dry and the scalp/top/bangs needs washing more often and I just do that area. I CANNOT stand most dry shampoos so its easier to wash isolated areas and added a tiny bit of the Rejuvenique Oil to the ends and fly aways. I couldn’t believe that I actually got my hair to look pretty close to what my stylist can do! My daughter Seneca even asked if I had gotten my hair done. Put it this way, when people compliment my hair, it is almost always right after someone else has done it, not me.

Okay again, if you know me, you know I’m not a big girlie-girl primping type, so to have something that allows ME to look sleek and styled is pretty cool! I’m on Day for (with one top of head wash/dry) and it’s still looking pretty good. So yup, I felt pretty convicted. I also found out that the Rejuvenique Oil can be used on skin as well and tried the sample on a problem area I’ve had for years and noticed a difference in irritation level over night.

So going back to my earlier “confession” time, I have used some really cruddy ingredients on my hair to get a desired effect for conferences and other professional events and have been praying for some relief. Yes, I’ve spent a ton of money on natural hair care and really screwed up my hair or had some reactions to “natrual” items like gluten. I want both: health and results.
Here is a nice list of what is NOT included in Monat Hair Care:

No To Toxic Ingredients

Here is a list of ingredients Monat does not put in their products:

  • NO Parabens – Could be linked to chronic disorders.
  • NO Sulfates – Irritating to skin and scalp.
  • NO DEA/MEA – Can be irritating to skin and eyes and could be linked to chronic disorders.
  • NO Phthalates – Long-term exposure could be toxic.
  • NO PEG – Can be linked to chronic disorders
  • NO Phenoxyethanol – Can be irritating to the eyes and skin.
  • NO Ethanol – Can be drying to the hair and cause frizz and damage.
  • NO Petrochemicals – Can coat the hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation of the shaft.
  • No Formaldehyde Releasers
  • NO Gluten: We do not add gluten to our formulas and to the best of our knowledge there is no gluten in any of MONAT’s ingredients.
  • NO Harmful Colours: We use safe colourantsapproved by the FDA, Health Canada and the European Commission.
  • NO Harmful Fragrances: We use fragrances with ingredients approved as safe by the Research Institute for the Fragrance Material (RIFM) and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). RIFM is the scientific authority for the safe use of fragrance materials.
  • No Animal Testing: We do not test finished products and ingredients used for cosmetic purpose on animals.
  • No Animal Origin Ingredients: We use vegan materials in our MONAT formulas.

So after years of saying “NO” to pretty much all companies wanting me to promote/sell their products (other than Young Living – still LOVE my YL oils and Teams) I said yes! I’m hoping my big wonderful Over-Achiever Box I signed up with comes in today or early tomorrow so I can play some more and share the journey. Stay tuned for more candid Before and After shots. I’m going to use Rejuvenique on my nails ruined by doing acrylic nails just one time! But that’s another story for another post…

While I have joined the Monat Team, I’m backing this because I want to get more toxins out of my life and want to help all of my friends locked into some pretty toxic beauty habits to have a better choice. They say the average woman puts on at least 80 chemicals every morning. UGH! If you’d like to order or work with me visit My Monat Store or leave a comment below.


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