The Cupcake Girls are Celebrating 7 Years – Happy Birthday

The Cupcake Girls are Celebrating 7 Years – Happy Birthday

The Cupcake Girls Mission:   Respect, Resources, Relationships 
The Cupcake Girls  provide confidential support to those involved in the sex industry, as well as those affected by domestic sex trafficking
through holistic resources, case management, and after care. They provide nonjudgmental support to empower
our clients in their pursuits through respect, resources, and relationships.

I have been a fan of this amazing heart-giving group since it began here in Vegas. The lives I’ve seen transform are beyond belief. I’m so grateful for the tenacity of their fearless
CEO Joy Hoover and ALL of the obstacles she and her teams in Vegas and Portland have faced to support a community of people often left forgotten. Please join us if you are in Vegas
March 15th, 7-9pm for this 7 year Birthday celebration and fundraiser. If you aren’t here, please consider making a donation or at least spread the word.

Over the past seven years, Here is what they have already provided:

● 1,527 individual case management meetings & peer support groups, including trauma support.

● 576 instances of providing mental health assistance, including suicide screenings & life guidance.

● 488 professional sessions with doctors, dentists, & lawyers.

● 311 financial grants or care packages given to assist with: bus passes, rent, bills, & other essential needs.

● 155 prenatal, new parent, & family resources.

● 142 sessions for career counseling, resume building & educational support.

● 134 housing referrals & support.

● 105 financial planning referrals, including tax advising.

Come celebrate The Cupcake Girls, our mission, our growth and our future goals at @TheSpaceLV on March 15th, 2018 from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. 

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* Make a donation even if you can’t go

* Find out about Volunteer opportunities

Announcing CoquiNation – Relief for Puerto Rico

Improving the Health and Lives of People Affected by Poverty and Emergencies

I’m very excited to share with you new non-profit near and dear to me called CoquiNation recently created by some of my family members who have friends and family in Puerto Rico. As you know on September 20th the island was hit by the massive hurricane Maria and as of this writing on December 6th, there are still so many people in Puerto Rico without water, food and electricity. Relief efforts have been hampered with a great deal of red tape and some people trying to profit from this tragedy. CoquiNation was birthed by Lisa Lamberti Wellander’s heart for her family’s circumstance and the lack of and incredibly slow speed at which relief efforts had been progressing. People were losing life as each day went by.


Lisa was joined by her adult daughter Sierra and my brother-in-law Joe Caro to officially form this heart centered non-profit bringing water filters, supplies and hope to the people of Puerto Rico. I have learned so much about how difficult it has been to bring support to the far reaching areas of PR where roads have been destroyed and many people have lived their whole lives. They are specifically focusing on bringing water filtration systems.

Each year my family aims at giving gifts that have significance and can change the world for the better in some way. This year I’m happy to announce we will be supporting CoquiNation and encourage you to consider it as well.

What your donation buys

$25- Sawyer filter and an Mpowerd solar light

$50 – Family kit- includes a Sawyer filter, Mpowerd solar light, tarp, and food

$100- 6 Sawyer filters

$500- with 16 of these donations, we can have a reverse osmosis water filtration pump built and provide water for many towns!

$1000- generator for a nursing home, as well as Sawyer water filtration

Thank you Lisa, Joe and Sierra for all you are doing to help rebuild and support PR.

Donations can be made directly on their website at and their Facebook page at CoquiNation

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!


Put a Face On It!

Put a Face On It!

If you know me and have followed me over the years you will know I’m not about politics and debate. I rarely if ever post divisive stories. While I do not consider this story a “draw a line in the sand” kind of piece, I’m well aware that it taps into everything we are all seeing on the news today. For your own context, I’m a registered Independent and a Christian with friends from all over the world who follow many different faiths. My job is to love, not to judge. The news stinks to watch and many people are feeling discouraged. Perhaps the best way to feel empowered about our world is to do something positive to help others.

Please read this story with open minds and hearts. Whatever falls on your heart to do something about…please act on it.

Syrian Refugees


Put a Face On It!
My friend Shaula Overholt has felt called to answer the need. For her and her family, it’s not about politics, issues, walls, vetting, etc. For her it’s faithfully following what she has been asked to do… “Love your neighbor.”
Right now, her Austin neighbor’s happen to be several Syrian Refugee families. These are some of the faces. Their horrific stories are real. Their children and their needs are real, not news clips.
Recently, her church Gateway in Austin sent her to Jordan to learn first hand how they could help this world crisis. While there are a few churches helping there, one of the biggest problems is schooling for the kids. Living in some of these neighboring countries is overwhelming to all involved. When these children enter the local schools, they are oftentimes made fun of and bullied for being refugees. Then these kids don’t stay in school because it’s horrible. Then they don’t get an education and start to hate others too. Then, guess what kind of people/organizations want to swoop in and cause these same kids to join their hate groups? See how vicious that cycle can be? Education is a huge answer and need.

You see, the relatively few extremists wreaking havoc in our world are causing people to fear muslims, refugees and even people who don’t look like them. I get it. These are some scary times in our world. But FEAR cannot win. Feeling and expressing compassion and loving our neighbors must prevail.

Shaula, Laney Robb and their church are simply responding to need in their community. They are building relationships with people who have a face, a story and have lost their homes. They are working alongside the Syrian American Refugee Aid – SARA Organization and Gateway Church to love and support these people.

Love Your Neighbor

One such way is Laney (on far left) and other youth leaders are selling these way cool “Don’t Play it Safe” encouraging others to live out of your comfort zone t-shirts. The goal is to raise money to buy this group of refugee families for a car so they can begin to earn a living. Austin doesn’t have good public transit making it very difficult to work. Will a t-shirt save the Syrian refugee community? Maybe not, maybe it’s just a tiny dent in the solutions, but this community is doing something. They are not mired in political debate. They are actively “loving their new neighbors.”
FB message Shaula if you are interested in getting involved or need help understanding the scope of this problem in our world that needs real people helping in real ways.

World Issues? Don’t debate. Don’t Hate. Put a face on it and Get involved!
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Our Beloved Country by Zach Rayburn

Our Beloved Country

Our Beloved Country
by Zach Rayburn

America is home.
I wonder what our country will do with its power.
We could create jobs or go to Mars. We could also create war and anger.
We need to be smart with what we have or we can lose it all.

America sounds like peaceful beaches in Southern California.
It sounds like busy streets with honking cars in New York City.
It sounds like quiet falling snow in the Rocky Mountains.
In America I see policemen that help us live in peace with ourselves.
I see doctors who spend their time saving us.
I see eager fans watching their sports teams play.
I want everyone t0 try and help the homeless, abused,
and mistreated to feel like they are being looked out for.

America is a country we know will grow in power and live on forever.

In America you can pretend you are a pro-football player.
America feels joyful, special, and free.
I touch the green grass grown around the country.
I touch the ground were the pilgrims settled.
I touch the plane that was flown by an American P.O.W.
I worry about America losing strength.
I cry for the soldiers who have died at war.
America is strong.

I understand that millions of people have died protecting this country.
I say we fight for every soldier who has perished at war.
I dream that one day, I can fight for my beloved country.
I will try to thank all the people who have served in any war.
I will not disrespect our country in any way.
I will pray for everyone in combat.
I hope every soldier makes it home safe.
America is a free world for us all.

The Love Challenge – Week Two

The Love Challenge – Week Two

I “love” exploring words, and what they mean… Really mean. Upon realizing how much pop culture has turned rather mean spirited, I’ve decided to put out The Love Challenge. Week One was based on “Love is Patient” and it was really eye opening for me. My big areas for improvement are “driving” and people who perhaps have an over inflated and vocal sense of making sure everyone follows rules ? (i.e.: regular civilians not law enforcement) What are your challenges for showing love through being “patient?”

This weekend we watch a movie that unexpectedly shares the incredible power of Love called Warm Bodies. It isn’t a new release, but worth the rental fee. It has a Romeo and Juliet sub-story and hilarious dialogue. It is a Zombie movie unlike anything you have seen. The story isn’t really about a zombie apocalypse, but rather the story of the power of Love. For the weak of stomach or younger kids it’s got some gruesome content, so watch first if thinking about it as a family movie night.

Warm Bodies

Showing Love through kindness never goes out of style. We all love hearing “feel good” stories about people going out of their way to show kindness. Why not write your own daily stories of kindness? Instead of posting negative stories online, try sharing only positive ones this week. Challenge yourself to see if you have any areas where perhaps showing Love through Kindness isn’t your first instinct.

This Week’s LOVE Challenge:
Simply explore, discover, practice and evolve “LOVE is Kind.”
Would love to see some of your observations and life lessons. Feel Free to post on
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