Fast Food – WildFit AlkaGizer

Fast Food – WildFit AlkaGizer

Fast Food

It’s no secret that in the United States we put priority on convenience. In all my years coaching and in social media one of the number one reasons I hear people give for “not” eating healthy is that they don’t have time. The second reason is “money.”  My response to either excuse is still the same… “Pay now or pay later.” Do you have the time or money to be ill? If you do not invest in what goes in your body now, you will pay the consequences for filling your tank with “cheap fuel.” #WildFit

If you have followed my work you will know I’m about REAL Nutrient rich food and that there is NO perfect diet for everyone. There are however, constant principles that keep proving themselves over and over. Sticking to foods/beverages that do not have a “label” with a list of ingredients, additives, flavorings, etc is always preferred over something processed and denatured.

All this to say, while I cannot reveal all of my experience as I am taking the 90 Day #WildFit Challenge, I can share with you my variation on what those of us taking the challenge affectionately call the “AlkaGizer.” Thanks to #WildFit creator #EricEadmedes we are encouraged to put our own twist on our #AlkaGizers as long as we stick to REAL  food and ultimately no sugar.

I’m here to tell you this puppy is the “Ultimate Fast Food Connection!” I make a big batch in the morning and have anywhere from 2 to 3 containers to fuel me throughout  the day. Without giving away too much of the program here, I can say that we use fresh fabulous veggies and plenty of healthy fat from sources like avocado and coconut in our AlkaGizers. I personally love adding fresh turmeric and ginger as well as essential oils.

With minimal prep you can have accessible food on the run so that you don’t crash, get overly hungry or grab the “other” fast food on the run that ultimately causes you to crash.

Here’s my AlkaGizer this morning:

* 3/4 fresh jalapeño pepper
* handful of fresh spinach, mint, kale, fennel and cilantro
* 1 whole avocado
* 2 cups of holy basil tea and a splash of rose water
* 2 drops of food grade lime and peppermint essential oil (my add on)

To learn more about the 90 Day WildFit Challenge and follow the amazing adventures of Eric Edmeades –

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