Put a Face On It!

Put a Face On It!

If you know me and have followed me over the years you will know I’m not about politics and debate. I rarely if ever post divisive stories. While I do not consider this story a “draw a line in the sand” kind of piece, I’m well aware that it taps into everything we are all seeing on the news today. For your own context, I’m a registered Independent and a Christian with friends from all over the world who follow many different faiths. My job is to love, not to judge. The news stinks to watch and many people are feeling discouraged. Perhaps the best way to feel empowered about our world is to do something positive to help others.

Please read this story with open minds and hearts. Whatever falls on your heart to do something about…please act on it.

Syrian Refugees


Put a Face On It!
My friend Shaula Overholt has felt called to answer the need. For her and her family, it’s not about politics, issues, walls, vetting, etc. For her it’s faithfully following what she has been asked to do… “Love your neighbor.”
Right now, her Austin neighbor’s happen to be several Syrian Refugee families. These are some of the faces. Their horrific stories are real. Their children and their needs are real, not news clips.
Recently, her church Gateway in Austin sent her to Jordan to learn first hand how they could help this world crisis. While there are a few churches helping there, one of the biggest problems is schooling for the kids. Living in some of these neighboring countries is overwhelming to all involved. When these children enter the local schools, they are oftentimes made fun of and bullied for being refugees. Then these kids don’t stay in school because it’s horrible. Then they don’t get an education and start to hate others too. Then, guess what kind of people/organizations want to swoop in and cause these same kids to join their hate groups? See how vicious that cycle can be? Education is a huge answer and need.

You see, the relatively few extremists wreaking havoc in our world are causing people to fear muslims, refugees and even people who don’t look like them. I get it. These are some scary times in our world. But FEAR cannot win. Feeling and expressing compassion and loving our neighbors must prevail.

Shaula, Laney Robb and their church are simply responding to need in their community. They are building relationships with people who have a face, a story and have lost their homes. They are working alongside the Syrian American Refugee Aid – SARA Organization and Gateway Church to love and support these people.

Love Your Neighbor

One such way is Laney (on far left) and other youth leaders are selling these way cool “Don’t Play it Safe” encouraging others to live out of your comfort zone t-shirts. The goal is to raise money to buy this group of refugee families for a car so they can begin to earn a living. Austin doesn’t have good public transit making it very difficult to work. Will a t-shirt save the Syrian refugee community? Maybe not, maybe it’s just a tiny dent in the solutions, but this community is doing something. They are not mired in political debate. They are actively “loving their new neighbors.”
FB message Shaula if you are interested in getting involved or need help understanding the scope of this problem in our world that needs real people helping in real ways.

World Issues? Don’t debate. Don’t Hate. Put a face on it and Get involved!
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Depression the Whispered Killer

Depression the Whispered Killer

My friend Jenny Thrasher Landon is an amazing soul who takes one of the worst events of her family’s life and helps others with a message of hope and support for those who suffer from depression and suicide. Thank you for being in my life Jenny and thank you for sharing your wisdom as well as your heart ❤️

Message from Jenny June 2nd 2016 …

“June 2, 1999 … 17 years ago I lost my dad to suicide. Depression killed my dad.

While blood pressure might be known as the silent killer, Depression is the whispered killer … Whispered with judgment by those who have never experienced it … Whispered with embarrassment by those who have been touched by it … Whispered with fear by those who know it intimately, who are scared by the power it holds, scared that no one understands, and scared that no one can help.

According to the International Suicide Statistics, 1 person dies by suicide every 40 seconds, resulting in over 2,000 deaths a day. We have to start seeing and talking about depression as a serious life threatening illness. As I know it, depression is the result of an imbalance in the body. My dad’s imbalance was first triggered by a steroid treatment he was receiving that was intended to save him from the perils of Sarcoidosis. When I became suicidal, my imbalance was triggered from having my first baby.

Not everyone can pinpoint the trigger that lead to their imbalance which resulted in depression, or even worse, suicide. The good news is that you don’t have to understand the trigger to treat it. I am alive today and I’m able to share my story thanks to the results of receiving acupuncture. It was not a quick fix. It took going every week for a number of months, but it gave me my life back.

Acupuncture didn’t numb the pain and it didn’t mask my symptoms. Acupuncture balanced the energy in my body restoring my ability to think clearly and to feel at peace. I don’t live with depression even though it nearly took my life. I am healthy, happy and truly blessed.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, please talk about it and please explore alternative treatment options.”

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There is rumor that her work is going to expand for us to share more… stay tuned!

Weed and Seed for Your Health


Weed and Seed for Your Health

Homemade Master Tonic by my Vegas buddy Louis Schneidman. Holy Moly Batman this stuff is potent! Way to go Louis!

There is a simple mantra for health I repeat often to people that teaches us to “Weed and Seed” and I learned it from Gary Young (Young Living Essential Oils​ )
Here’s the simple, yet vital lesson for supporting good health…

1) Practice habits to “Weed” your gut/body of unbeneficial organisms (bacteria, parasites, yeasts, viruses, etc)
2) Consume food, beverages and supplements if necessary that “Seed” your gut/body with Beneficial organisms loosely defined as “Probiotics”

We are exposed to a bazillion organisms daily. Some harmful if left unchecked or counterbalanced others very beneficial. While we used to get a steady stream of “probiotics” naturally in foods, that is no longer the case. Traditional diets used to have homemade kefir, krauts, Kim chi, etc. Even condiments like ketchup used to be naturally fermented and provided digestive support. Not so any more. Everything commercially prepared is cooked, homogenized, pasteurized etc. is void of strong living organisms to support your body’s inner ecosystem/ flora.

Become a student of what YOU can use to “Weed and Seed” your body!

The Master Tonic is a great tool to Weed the gut as well as essential oils, and foods like krauts, Kim Chi and kefir’s are great for Seeding the gut.

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Got Energy? Why Not?

Got Energy? Why Not?

Got Energy…?
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Do your daily habits make you want to live an amazing life or sleep on the couch? Seriously, sustainable energy does not come in a bottle. Energy is not just about what you eat or how much you exercise. Food and daily circulation have a great deal to do with sustainable energy. What your mind focuses on and the “wellness” of your soul have an equally great impact on your health, if not more.
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