Weed and Seed for Your Health


Weed and Seed for Your Health

Homemade Master Tonic by my Vegas buddy Louis Schneidman. Holy Moly Batman this stuff is potent! Way to go Louis!

There is a simple mantra for health I repeat often to people that teaches us to “Weed and Seed” and I learned it from Gary Young (Young Living Essential Oils​ )
Here’s the simple, yet vital lesson for supporting good health…

1) Practice habits to “Weed” your gut/body of unbeneficial organisms (bacteria, parasites, yeasts, viruses, etc)
2) Consume food, beverages and supplements if necessary that “Seed” your gut/body with Beneficial organisms loosely defined as “Probiotics”

We are exposed to a bazillion organisms daily. Some harmful if left unchecked or counterbalanced others very beneficial. While we used to get a steady stream of “probiotics” naturally in foods, that is no longer the case. Traditional diets used to have homemade kefir, krauts, Kim chi, etc. Even condiments like ketchup used to be naturally fermented and provided digestive support. Not so any more. Everything commercially prepared is cooked, homogenized, pasteurized etc. is void of strong living organisms to support your body’s inner ecosystem/ flora.

Become a student of what YOU can use to “Weed and Seed” your body!

The Master Tonic is a great tool to Weed the gut as well as essential oils, and foods like krauts, Kim Chi and kefir’s are great for Seeding the gut.

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