Building an Emotionally Healthy Family

Building an Emotionally Healthy Family

Healthy Family

This Saturday, September 26, offers a rich opportunity for parents and educators to develop our relational capabilities at the “Building an Emotionally Healthy Family” conference. All conference sessions are led by licensed marriage and family therapists (MFT), supervisors, interns, or co-led by MFT students – all sanctioned by the Relational Wellness Institute. Much of the content is geared toward middle and high school ages but everyone is sure to learn skills that will foster strong relational health among all age groups.

The conference is from 9 AM – 3 PM at Lake Mead Christian Academy. A special 20% discount is applicable for LMCA attendees – bringing the cost to $36 for an individual or $48 for a couple. (Enter “LMCAP” as the promotional code.) Peruse the helpful topics being offered and then sign up without delay at

Main Sessions (For All Participants)

Morning Session: How We Impact Each Other

Early Afternoon Session: Understanding Personality Styles & Behaviors

Closing Session: Emotional Health in the Home

Workshops (Choice of 3)

Workshop 1: How to teach kids how to have and maintain healthy relationships while maintaining a healthy level of self-esteem.

Workshop 2: What is healthy sexuality?

Workshop 3: What you need to know about cutting and suicidal thoughts.

Workshop 4: Helping our kids through grief & depression

Workshop 5: Help! I need to implement healthy boundaries and effective discipline techniques

Workshop 6: How to help my child manage anxiety and stress with school and life.

Please feel free to call or text Michelle Blakeley at 702-682-1303 if you have a last minute question.

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