Living and raising a family is Las Vegas continues to be a WILD ride and makes a person sink or swim on all levels. Its an amazing place of extremes!  From the weather, to the terrain, to the people and to the lifestyles… one MUST develop habits to succeed. Tara and her family have been learning and applying these pearl of wisdom for over 10 years.

Pearls of wisdom have been a lifelong study and mission for Tara from her Granny Pearl who lived to be 95 years old and was not on any medication. Since she was little she has been mentored by amazing Wisdom Holders all over the world. Her mission is to distill and simplify the common wisdom and share it with the world. 

For almost 18 years Tara has created Healthy Ripples worldwide through speaking, writing books, training, giving workshops, traveling and being “all in” and supporting the communities she finds as home. Teamwork and collaboration are two of her favorite words. While she LOVES hosting Healthy Habit and Faith Habit events, she cherishes being involved in conferences, stages, churches, online summits and events all over the globe.

Peace and Be Well,
Tara Rayburn

“Above all else, guard your heart, for EVERYTHING you do flows from it.”
– Proverbs 4: 23


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Essential Gluten Free Recipes: Simple * Nutrient Rich * Essential Oil Infused by Mary Vars and Tara Rayburn – 1st and 2nd Editions Available from Life Science Publishing or Amazon.com