Announcing CoquiNation – Relief for Puerto Rico

Improving the Health and Lives of People Affected by Poverty and Emergencies

I’m very excited to share with you new non-profit near and dear to me called CoquiNation recently created by some of my family members who have friends and family in Puerto Rico. As you know on September 20th the island was hit by the massive hurricane Maria and as of this writing on December 6th, there are still so many people in Puerto Rico without water, food and electricity. Relief efforts have been hampered with a great deal of red tape and some people trying to profit from this tragedy. CoquiNation was birthed by Lisa Lamberti Wellander’s heart for her family’s circumstance and the lack of and incredibly slow speed at which relief efforts had been progressing. People were losing life as each day went by.


Lisa was joined by her adult daughter Sierra and my brother-in-law Joe Caro to officially form this heart centered non-profit bringing water filters, supplies and hope to the people of Puerto Rico. I have learned so much about how difficult it has been to bring support to the far reaching areas of PR where roads have been destroyed and many people have lived their whole lives. They are specifically focusing on bringing water filtration systems.

Each year my family aims at giving gifts that have significance and can change the world for the better in some way. This year I’m happy to announce we will be supporting CoquiNation and encourage you to consider it as well.

What your donation buys

$25- Sawyer filter and an Mpowerd solar light

$50 – Family kit- includes a Sawyer filter, Mpowerd solar light, tarp, and food

$100- 6 Sawyer filters

$500- with 16 of these donations, we can have a reverse osmosis water filtration pump built and provide water for many towns!

$1000- generator for a nursing home, as well as Sawyer water filtration

Thank you Lisa, Joe and Sierra for all you are doing to help rebuild and support PR.

Donations can be made directly on their website at and their Facebook page at CoquiNation

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!