What Is WildFit? Special Q & A with Founder Eric Edmeades


What Is WildFit?  Special Q & A with Founder Eric Edmeades

Join us in less than an hour for a special Q & A with #WildFit founder Eric Edmeades. As an ambassador for and a WildFit Challenge Reunion member I’m constantly blown away by the method and community throughout my WildFit experiences. The WildFit World Challenge is coming up starting March 20th and if you are interested this is a great chance to hear from the horses mouth what it’s all about.

Your Q & A sign up link: (if you can’t listen now, a replay should be available, but you must register for free first to receive the links.)
* www.getwildfit.com/challenge/qa/#a_aid=HealthyHabitCoach

If you have been following WildFit and are ready to join us here is my special link to sign up and join the WoldWide WildFit Challenge Purchase Link beginning March 20th:
* http://getwildfit.com/challenge/purchase/#a_aid=HealthyHabitCoach