Serving Opportunities for Christmas Time in Las Vegas

Serving Opportunities for Christmas Time in Las Vegas

People seem to come to me and ask how they can serve in the Las Vegas area, especially during the holidays. Here are some great opportunities for you to serve if you are here, or donate support if you are living else where and feel led to help.

Tuesday December 22nd 2015

Guardian Angels Outreach Christmas Party for the Homeless

Guardian Angels Outreach Las Vegas
This fabulous group goes out into the streets of Las Vegas every Tuesday. This week they will be throwing a Christmas Party, serving chili and giving Blessing Packets to the 100+ individuals who come every week. This week we will be distributing my daughters Hygiene “Blessing” Packets she raised donations for and had help putting over 50 packs together from her Youth group at Verve Church.

When: Tuesday December 22nd meet at Verve Church at noon
Where: 7850 S. Dean Martin Blvd, Suite 503, Las Vegas, NV 89139
How Long?: You can just help with set up or clean up, or meet us at location to serve and leave when you need to.
Why?: Because these people value having people spend their time with them it’s awesome!

If you would like to serve in person or can donate supplies, here is what they could use:

* Crock pots of chili
* Help organizing and packing food
* Help serving meals handing out the supplies at the location

Wednesday, December 24th, 2015 Christmas Eve

Join us at Verve Church at

Thursday, December 25th 2015

Christmas Outreach hosted by The Calm at Lake Mead

Will be meeting at the CALM on Christmas morning at 8:00 am departing by 8:30 am.  The three current locations are the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, a location to be announced down by Foremaster street, and a third location in Henderson that is currently pending. We are looking to have the Christmas outreach between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Christmas day.  There will be several areas to serve at each location.  These are the following teams available to be part of:  setup and take down team, cleaning team, witness and fellowship team, clothing outreach item team, food line team, and sit and talk team.

When: Thursday, December 25th 2015, Christmas Morning at 8am- 11am
Where: The Calm at LMCA – 540 E. Lake Mead Parkway,Henderson, NV 89015
How?: Simple show up, sign up and follow team to one of 4 locations (Assisted Living Home, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, and two undisclosed parking lots where homeless individuals will be meeting the groups)

Outreach Needs:
* People with trucks who live near The Calm to transport tables and chairs
* People to help serve breakfast
* People handing out supplies
* People comfortable ministering to others at table (very relaxed style)
* People handing out Bibles only to those who ask

For Questions Contact Todd Wellman, Missions Pastor at 702-372-2631 otherwise
simply show up with a heart to serve!

Will update this as other opportunities present themselves!