REAL Health Mythbusters: SUGAR WARS – Episode 6

REAL Health Mythbusters: SUGAR WARS – Episode 6

Sweet Talking #Periscope with Dr. Heltzel, my Holistic Dentist about Sugar


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REAL Health Mythbusters: Sugar Wars

God for the Rest of Us at Verve U

God For the Rest of Us

God for the Rest of Us

Hey You! Yes You…

Do you feel connected? Have you had challenges with your faith or judgement against others for theirs?
Do you think you can thrive and survive without exploring a deeper connection?
Or would you just like to hangout with some REALLY cool people in Vegas on Wednesday nights?

What: God for the Rest of Us via Verve University

Who: All are Welcome where ever you are at in your faith.
If you haven’t taken Verge yet we really Urge you to take that awesome class first
Tara Rayburn (me) will be teaching

Why: Cause it’s awesome content and people to hang with in Vegas

Where: Verve Church 7850 S. Dean Martin Dr #503, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89139

How: Click Here to Register – Easy Peasy

How Much: Registration is $10 for whole 6 week course

God for the Rest of Us will be starting on October 14th from 6:35 pm-8:05 pm – $10 for 6 week group gathering
Click for Registration Info

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* Verve Church in Vegas

* #GFTRU Group Study Packet and DVDs

* City on a Hill Productions

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* Visit my God for theRest of Us Pinterest Board for sharable links

God For the Rest of Us too

REAL Health Mythbusters: SUGAR Wars on #Blab

REAL Health Mythbusters: SUGAR Wars on #Blab


LIVE on #Blab 9:30 am Thursday October 8th We’d love to have guest rotate the 4th seat with questions or sugar wisdom or stories.

Calling All Of You! I’d love to have you join AND jump in a seat to ask a question or share a sugar story.

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REAL Health Mythbusters: SUGAR Wars LIVE on #Blab 9:30 am Thursday October 8th

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PodCon 2015 for Blab


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Maximum Vitality Event in Michigan

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Maximum Vitality

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